Ecotourism in Sarawak

Robert Geneid Sarawak

Since the discovery of the effect that global warming is having on our earth started being widely publicized, more people started realizing the impact their actions are having on the future of generations to come. Every individual with a warm heart and a reasonable mind started paying more attention to what is happening in the world and sustainability became an objective held by individuals, businesses and governments worldwide. In Malaysia this is certainly the case and developers like Robert Geneid and his company Borsarmulu Resort Sdn. Bhd. work with the government to promote sustainability and eco-friendly activities in all their endeavours. While this is a tall task in the building industry, it is approached with efficiency brought about by genuine concern.

What is ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a growing trend in tourism worldwide and feeds the increasing demand for destinations that are chiefly focused on responsibly dealing with the needs of nature. It deals with all aspects of environmental responsibility and takes responsibility for creating and maintaining destinations that have a positive effect on the environment instead of contributing to further damaging the earth. The conservation of the delicate eco-system and maintenance of biodiversity and also the socio-economic growth of the area are all areas that are embraced by Robert Geneid and Borsarmulu Resort Sdn. Bhd. Active practices in regards to environmental responsibility like conservation of energy and recycling as well as sustainable building are all upheld.

Sustainable building

As an engineer and also having worked on a great many construction projects, Robert Geneid is well-versed in sustainable building practices. He strives to employ resource efficient and environmentally responsible methods and materials throughout the building and/or renovation process. Whether the work involves demolition, renovation, construction or maintenance, there are green policies to adhere to and this is largely upheld byBorsarmulu Resort Sdn. Bhd. Sustainable building aims to reduce the impact it has on the environment and to utilize as little fossil fuels as possible; whether directly or indirectly. Areas such as the foundation, water efficiency, energy efficiency and materials efficiency are all considered and work is conducted as sustainably as possible.

Environmental responsibility

Areas of accountability that are constantly being monitored in the developments that Robert Geneid undertakesin Sarawak includes waste water management which is a practice aimed at reducing water pollution and also reducing water usage. Where water is used, it creates an immediate need for energy to be expended to process it which pollutes the environment. Care is taken in this area as well as other areas such as recycling of used materials and the use of environmentally friendly products. The use of towels and linen made of cotton assists the environment by not supporting an industry that is highly reliant on petrochemical substances. Visitors can also contribute to sustainability by re-using towels and sheets instead of prescribing to the old practice of expecting linen and towels to be changed daily. Further potential areas in which sustainability can be promoted are constantly being investigated and as far as possible implemented and adhered to.