Early life of Robert Geneid

After achieving his degree in Civil Engineering in the late seventies, Robert Geneid worked in his native New South Wales and abroad working in the position of engineer until the early eighties when he returned to the academic world to attain his legal degree. Specialising in construction law and project work, Robert worked in the legal field in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia before settling in the tourism industry where he is able to best apply his impressive education and experience. Kuching, the capital of the East Malaysian state of Sarawak is where Robert Geneid calls home and where he holds the position of MD of Borsarmulu Resort Sdn Bhd. He is accompanied by his wife and seven children and the family enjoy active outdoor past times like jungle trekking, cycling and tennis.

Royal Mulu and Mulu Park

Situated in the region of the Gunung Mulu World Heritage Area, the Royal Mulu Resort and Mulu National Park boast outstanding scenery and tropical warmth, while being a natural habitat for a diverse range of plant and animal species. Recent renovations and restructuring of the Royal Mulu Resort can be ascribed to the time dedicated to the area and the resort by Robert Geneid. Known as being one of the few individuals in Australia to be in possession of degrees in both civil engineering and law, Robert is known as a passionate individual and a pioneer. The two areas of expertise awarded Robert with singular insight into the often convoluted areas of major building projects. The efforts that he applied in the tourism industry in Malaysia, over the past 20 years has resulted in Robert receiving respectful recognition by the Malaysian tourism authorities over the past number of years. He was appointed as Board Member to Tourism Malaysia and also the Malaysian Convention and Exhibition Bureau. Robert continues to serve in this capacity until today.

Scholarship project

In recent efforts to positively develop the rural areas of the Mulu area, Sarawak, Robert Geneid has announced that he would be launching an Encouragement Award and Scholarship Prize for children studying at the SK Batu Bungan School, along with his establishment Borsarmulu Park Management. The programme is aimed at promoting a more vital and stronger community by providing support and encouragement to the younger members of the populace. Located in the Baram district, a rural area in the Sarawak state, the Batu Bungan is the only school in the area and currently serves over 150 students receiving the first 6 years of their education. The project advocates good behaviour and academic performance and also community values. Robert Geneid presented the Teachers and Parents Association with the gift of RM2 500 in aid of the project, courtesy of Robert and Borsarmulu Park Management Sdn. Bhd. Borsarmulu is the holding company responsible for facilitating development at the Royal Mulu Resort and Mulu National Park . With Robert Geneid at the helm, the company is active in the creation of development opportunities for local residents and the area as a whole.